Monday, February 1, 2010

Help wanted on Project LORV

Project LORV is a research project in support of OREKIT, an open source space dynamics library in Java from CS including Luc Maisonobe.

This experiment in Software Engineering explores the objective to expand OREKIT's application and developer audience as broadly as possible -- for anyone with interest to find great convenience in scripting with OREKIT, and have a full and complete world of space dynamics math and physics at their fingertips.

Project LORV needs programming support in java to port the test suites in OREKIT 4.1 into a collection of simple, junit independent, main programs over lorv's experimental "ore" packages.

It's possible that almost anyone interested could lend a hand in this work, as it is transpositions of working code from names like "org.orekit" to "ore" and adapting some API changes.

Anyone interested should join the LORV discussion list, and introduce yourself. Or contact myself, John Pritchard, via or Or send me code.

Each test case would be a java (main) program working on the LORV package set and performing System exit with value one on failure and zero on success. As in the following example.

package lorv.test.bodies;

import ore.bodies.Sun;
import ore.errors.OrekitException;

* Test implied data loading.
* @author jdp
public class DataLoad {

public static void main(String[] argv){
try {
Sun sun = Sun.Instance();

catch (OrekitException exc){

This work would go into a "lorv/test" location, to be created.

Independence from junit is chosen for simplicity: no more than necessary. These tests are more scripts than units.

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