Thursday, December 3, 2009

LXL 1.0.3 begin

The lxl-coder project has been initialized, in support of Fv3.

The lxl-coder.jar library includes the io, net, beans, and hapax3 packages optimized for the lxl stream into jbxml and fv3.

lxl-coder generates java source classes from Hapax3 templates and ODL schematics.

An ODL schematic describes this

package test;
public class Test {
public int a;


package test;
class Test {
int a;

which is very useful as the output source text gets complex and continues to evolve over a large collection.

In building Fv3, the simple first target for this work is the description and programming package.

And then in extending Fv3, we have use of many more DOM like packages from sound to collada.

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