Saturday, December 27, 2008

An algebra of HTTP

A description of HTTP in an integral algebra serves as yet another tool for reasoning about principles.

The response is a point in the domain that is HTTP. A GET request is an identity relation on that point. A function from the domain of the request into the domain of the response exists, whether explicit or implied. The function is implied when a resource is created but not returned in the response.

Therefore the expression

GET /index.html

identifies a point in the domain of HTTP. And likewise the expressions

PUT /index.html
DELETE /index.html

are operations on the same point.

Compare this to arithmetic. The identity expression is

1 = 1

and operational expressions include

1 + 1
1 - 1


The equivalent algebraic identity expression would read as

"GET /index.html" = "response entity body data"


When we can see this algebra, then we have new eyes.

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John Douglas Pritchard said...

Definitely one little tiny microscopic step in a direction... letting it bake...