Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Open Commerce for Syntelos

The Syntelos business model is based on the principle of open commerce.
  • Open partnership
  • Open source
  • Open service
This is open commerce.  An open company includes as partners all contributors, both product and marketing.  Likewise an open business provides an open set of alternatives with competitive market value for its consumers.  It is an open facility with fair economic cost and rent that competes in the whole market among all producers.  Strictly minimizing economic costs and rents is critical to whole market competition.

A competitive market puts pressure against producer margins, while a competitive producer pursues differentiation to support positive margins in its effort to maximize profit.  An open commercial producer works no differently. 

A company founded on open commercial principles is organized differently from a volunteer open source community like Mozilla.  It is chartered commercially, and the contributions of its participants are recognized as economic and commercial.  The free open source product is there, and the commercial product is there.

These are founding constraints from which a variety of open problems require solutions.  The solutions in this case are not entirely decided.

Knock on wood.

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