Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Online app creation company: AppJet

Thanks to Nick Gonzalez at TechCrunch for covering AppJet.

AppJet is really nice, the first thing I've seen in the space for the server side online that I really like. Maybe just because the site hits you with what it is. Or because AppJet as a whole is an essay in simple effectiveness.

I really like the
sticky (as in glue) sugar (as in syntactic) -- fairly transcendent little one. Not crazy about
though. Taglibs, anyone?

AppJet is web script. No one tool is right for all jobs -- especially not for everyone. Bijan likes Pipes, and a million HTML folks can like AppJet (knock on wood). Like "shell" in host programming, it's the right tool for the job when it's the right tool for the job -- script is script.

And web programming -- we can be sure -- will be all about lots of systems doing lots of different things.

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